SUNFLOWER Surprise Flower Subscription

Do you love sunflowers?  Who doesn’t!  You can get eight weeks of sunflower bunches with our Sunflower Surprise Subscription.  What’s the surprise?  WHEN the sunflowers start blooming!   Last year the subscription started the week after July 4th, but this year we are going to start some sunflowers in the greenhouse even earlier.  In addition to the sunflowers, we always share our best blooms with our subscribers so you’ll often be surprised with additional mixed bunches along with decorative greens so your bunches will make spectacular arrangements in your home or office.  You can pick up your sunflowers Tuesdays at ElectricCoMarket (207 E. Depot Street Bedford) from 11am to 6pm, or you can make arrangements for delivery or to pick up at the farm.  Please be sure to leave your preferred contact (e-mail AND text) so we can let you know when the subscription starts!  Only 10 subscriptions available for the 2022 season!


Sorry! Sold Out!!