Frequently Asked Questions.

We are starting this farm for Max, who has Autism.  Sadly, the unemployment rate among folks with Autism is around 80%, so we decided to start a family business.  A flower farm fits with our love of being outdoors, our desire to be part of a community, and tasks that match Max’s strengths.  Max loves color, has a photographic memory, and has an amazing work ethic.  Some shy away from farming because of all the hard physical labor, but this “heavy work” is exactly what makes Max happy.  Finally, early in my career I’d say that if there were no problems in the world I’d love to work with flowers.  Now I’m old enough to know I can’t solve the problems of the world, but maybe I can make my little corner of it a bit more beautiful.

That cardboard is key to our “no-till” farming!  We are practicing no-till farming methods which builds up the soil rather than digs up the dirt.  The cardboard provides great worm food, blocks the light that germinates the weeds, and retains moisture reducing our water usage.  We will happily take your brown (non-glossy) cardboard!  Contact Jen at for pick up/drop off logistics.  For more on no-till farming follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter!

We hope to have our first flowers of the 2021 season in late March!  We have two rows of hearty annuals under frost cloth and several hundred spring bulbs in the ground.  You can purchase our “Spring Surprise” subscription on the “Buy Flowers” page to get the very first blooms delivered, and look for us at the March 20th Bedford Farmer’s Market. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our seasonal availability.   

Once our flowers start blooming you can get Monday Morning Flowers at Joe Beans in Bedford Mondays 7 – 9:30am, at the Bedford Farmers Market every Friday and the first Saturday of  each month in season, and through our subscriptions and special orders on our “Buy Flowers” page.  “Do It Yourself” (DIY) brides and wedding designers please contact Jen at  

Sorry, we do not ship — bad for the flowers to be out of water and all that packing and shipping is bad for the environment.  If you are not near Bedford, you can find local flowers with the Floret local flower collective

Yes!   You can purchase a “Random Act of Kindness” and we will deliver flowers locally from you — what goes around comes around!  We will ship t-shirts and other swag on our “Buy Flowers” page.  And perhaps the most frequently asked question, yes, we are working on little plush otters…stay tuned.

The logo was designed by Patrick Lum.

Patrick  was a 2019 summer intern with Spectrum Works, an organization that works to reduce the unemployment rate among people with Autism (full disclosure: Jen is on the board of Spectrum Works: Patrick loves art, music, math, origami, and 3D animation.  Currently Patrick is taking graphic design and intermediate 3D animation classes at Ramapo College in New Jersey.  Thank you Patrick for the fabulous logo!  We love it!!

Nope.  I do have a background in business, operations, education and advocacy.  For more on me you can check out my LinkedIn page:  We are only able to take this leap because of the tremendous support and generosity of the community of local flower farmers.  I started this journey reading Lynn Byczynski’s book The Flower Farmer and Erin Benzakein’s Cut Flower Garden.  I have also learned tons from numerous YouTube videos, particularly those from Bare Mountain Farm  I took the Floret flower farming class in 2019, and I am forever grateful to the Floret support community. 

It is truly amazing what you can learn if you are motivated and know how to learn (note to all my former and future students…)

We look forward to welcoming others with Autism to the farm.  A core mission of the farm is not only to grow flowers, but also to grow people and community.  We have a designed a three-month rolling internship to work on building skills and integrating into the local business community.  For more information please contact Jen at