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  • Random Act of Kindness!


    Make your day and someone else’s day too by ordering a Random Act of Kindness bouquet!  We will deliver a mixed bouquet of seasonal blooms to someone in the Bedford VA community.  Fill out the attached form with your giving preferences and watch for your Random Act of Kindness on our Instagram page.  Since we can’t ship our fresh blooms, Random Acts of Kindness bouquets are perfect if you want to be part of the Little Otter Flower Farm community but don’t live nearby.  What goes around comes around, so share the kindness. If you order a Random Act before our flowers bloom we will deliver it as soon as we have flowers!

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  • SUNFLOWER Surprise Flower Subscription


    Do you love sunflowers?  You can get eight weeks of sunflower bunches with our Sunflower Surprise Subscription!  What’s the surprise?   Since this is our first full growing season we are not quite sure when enough sunflowers will bloom to start the subscription — but once they do you’ll be swimming in sunflowers all summer long!  We are growing four different types of sunflowers this season — Autumn Beauty, Sunfinity, Jade and Sonja.  The first Autumn Beauty and Sunfinity sunflowers started blooming in early June, and we expect to start the subscription right after July 4th.  You’ll get mixed bunches of 8 – 15 stems, many with multiple blooms since we are growing “branching” and not single stem sunflowers.  We’ll often add decorative greens and complimentary additional types of flowers so your bunches will make spectacular arrangements in your home or office.  You can pick up your sunflowers Wednesdays at ElectricCoArt (207 E. Depot Street Bedford) from noon to 6pm, or you can make arrangements for delivery or to pick up at the farm.  Please be sure to leave your preferred contact (e-mail AND text) so we can let you know when the subscription starts!  ONLY 5 SUBSCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR WEB ORDERS.  Subscriptions are also available at the Bedford Farmers Market Fridays 8 – 12 under the pavilion.